Abu Dhabi Ports Group – mUnity

mUnity is a unique Vaccine Management System designed by Maqta Gateway® LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports Group (ADPG) under its Digital Cluster. mUnity was designed to address the global challenge of COVID-19 Vaccine distribution as a part of the Hope Consortium initiative, an Abu Dhabi-led public-private partnership formed as commitment to the worldwide battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining its unique logistical capabilities and geographical proximity to ~3.6 billion people worldwide, Abu Dhabi has launched one of the most significant and most integrated logistical efforts of this type to deliver hope and vital vaccines to the global community.

mUnity had a vital role from a digital infrastructure perspective by providing complete visibility, safety and security, and integrity for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, despite the transportation complexity. It is a single point of contact for all vaccine-related information with advanced functionalities for monitoring and reporting to all players within the supply chain. It employs advanced technology to track and trace vaccine sourcing, storage, shipment and all related data in real time at every step of the vaccine journey. Maqta Gateway have used the most advanced tools and methodologies to deliver the solution on time and with the highest quality standards. Moreover, stakeholders were actively engaged during implementation to ensure they incorporated their feedback and provided a system that caters to their needs.

mUnity supports SDGs by promoting universal health coverage, strengthening risk reduction and management, developing resilient infrastructure, and increasing economic productivity. The system features end-to-end visibility of every vaccine, from the manufacturing facility to the vaccination centers in the UAE and other destinations worldwide. Based on data availability, mUnity can track individual vaccine doses until vaccine administration. With one of the region’s most extensive ultra-modern pharmaceutical logistics facilities, ADPG has impacted millions of lives worldwide. Working with all partner organizations through the Hope Consortium, ADPG supported the delivery of +200,000,000 COVID-19 vaccines worldwide in more than 50 countries, about 40 developing countries, all free of charge.