Abu Dhabi Ports Group – Clean Up Campaigns

AD Ports Group’s commitment to the protection of the marine ecosystem is demonstrated through its periodic seabed and beach cleaning projects. A total of 153 volunteers participated in 2022, contributing a total of 587 hours of volunteering time. AD Ports Group remains committed to preserving the marine ecosystem and will continue to engage volunteers in future seabed cleaning projects. AD Ports Group engages with different stakeholders in these initiatives such as the Emirates Foundation Volunteering.

The ongoing beach cleanup campaigns are made possible with the help of altruistic volunteers who share the same vision to help preserving the environment and our planet. During the reporting period, the group covered a land area of 68,994 m2 or 0.07 km2 with a perimeter of 1073.76 m or 1.07 km, collecting 65Kg of debris. Additionally, they covered a sea area of 3,918 m2, collecting 71Kg of debris. A total of 73 volunteers participated, contributing a total of 292 hours of volunteering time. There were a total of 13 dives with a bottom time of 45 minutes, totaling 65 hours. The average diving time was 45 minutes. The grand total volunteering hours for the period was 357 hours.

In line with our strategic objectives, we align ours efforts to the UN SDGs have prioritized seven SDGs that we directly contribute to through our CSR initiatives. By focusing on these specific goals, we aim to make a meaningful impact and promote the growth and development of our community.