2020 World Ports Sustainability Awards submissions received

Winners to be announced at the #IAPH2020 World Ports Conference Gala Dinner in Antwerp on Wednesday 18th March

Winners to be announced at the #IAPH2020 World Ports Conference Gala Dinner in Antwerp on Wednesday 18th March

The second edition of the World Ports Sustainability Awards will be taking place at the annual #IAPH2020 World Ports Conference in Antwerp, Belgium on the evening of 18 March, 2020 at the recently-inaugurated and fully-restored Handelsbeurs which is in the heart of the city.

The jury who will be judging the entries have been named. They are (top left to bottom right):

Cleopatra Doumbia Henry (President World Maritime University), Geraldine Knatz (Professor at University of Southern California and former IAPH President), Gerald Munjanganja (Commercial Analyst, Seatrade), Julie Lithgow (CEO, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers), Jan Hoffmann (Chief, Trade Logistics Branch UNCTAD), Namrata Nadkarni (Head of Content, Maritime Publications IHS Markit), and Henri van der Weide (Chair, IAPH port environment committee).

Online submissions welcome for Awards in five categories

The jury will produce a long list for public voting in the following categories:

Climate and Energy : There were many excellent examples of facilitation of energy transition in ports last year, with the winning project going to the Port of Amsterdam's IGES initiative which involves processing 35.000 tons of plastic resulting in a reduction of approximately 57.270 tons of CO2 emissions.

Resilient Infrastructure : This category welcomes entries that showcase both proactive adaptation to climate change as well as the digital optimisation of port infrastructure. The latter applies to the Abu Dhabi Ports Single Window Portal (mPCS) – developed in 2014 and operated by Maqta Gateway which won the Award in 2019. mPCS is currently operational in 5 ports and 54 private jetties. Integrated with 20 shipping lines, it covers 100+ services from seaside to hinterland. It is the first solution in the Middle East to achieve PCS-to-PCS integration, and is connected with 3 single windows, and 11 ports in China, Belgium and Spain.

Community Outreach and Port City Dialogue: Numerous projects competed for these two coveted prizes recognising community support for port development and addressing externalities, with Port of Busan winning for its transformation of its unused space for public recreation facilities, and the Civitas Portis project which has successfully implemented innovative mobility mobility measures across several European ports.

Safety and Security : Ports who can demonstrate safety and security as an integrated part of their business have a chance to win this category, which went in 2019 to the Port of Antwerp's Port Information Network , where the port community members exchange information on suspicious or criminal situations with each other, through the police.

Governance and ethics : Leadership in good corporate governance applies to specific projects that work with local communities, such as the Kenya Ports Authority's 2019- winning Tunashusika project which funds and supports local school and medical infrastructure. This category also welcomes ports who demonstrably integrate sustainability throughout their business and processes, which led to the award being shared by Kenya Ports Authority with Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for its governance sustainability model.

Automatic recognition for a validated entries as IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program Projects

The IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program's Technical Director Antonis Michail commented : "We not only intend to recognise just the winners at the #IAPH2020 World Ports Conference in March. All projects that enter and meet the criteria appear on our online WPSP portfolio and are shared as best practices around the world, with many of them being highlighted in our first WPSP Annual Report which will be launched and distributed to all participants at #IAPH2020 as well as being published globally to all sector media.

If you have any questions about submitting your project , contact :


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Founded in 1955, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is a non-profit-making global alliance of 170 ports and 140 port-related organisations covering 90 countries. Its member ports handle more than 60 percent of global maritime trade and around 80 percent of world container traffic. IAPH has consultative NGO status with several United Nations agencies. In 2018, IAPH established the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP). Guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, it aims to unite sustainability efforts of ports worldwide, encouraging international cooperation between all partners involved in the maritime supply chain. WPSP (sustainableworldports.org) covers five main areas of collaboration: energy transition, resilient infrastructure, safety and security, community outreach and governance.