Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is working with the port business community and the government to create a future-proof port. We are working towards achieving a carbon-neutral and circular port in which the climate targets of the European Green deal are leading. CO2-emissions at sea represent 87% of all emissions of logistics chains via Rotterdam and we consider reducing these maritime emissions an urgent task. Speeding up the uptake of climate friendly fuels in the maritime shipping industry is widely considered to be one of the most effective measures. The Port of Rotterdam Authority therefor stimulates investments in sustainable fuel production across the entire value chain and supports all kinds of demonstrations and pilots with alternative fuels. We also develop new safety frameworks and standards for bunkering climate friendly fuels and together with port businesses we set up new bunkering facilities in the port. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has also launched an incentive scheme for Climate-Friendly Shipping, which is currently stimulating the use of sustainable fuels in shipping.