Port of Le Havre

HAROPA Ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris supports the greening of transport fleets by being :

  • part of the AviCAFE project to work on a new clean fuel refuelling service at the scale of the Seine river until the channel for maritime and river shipping. A feasibility study is to be launched.
  • involved in the development of LNG or alternative fuels. HAROPA thus determines the specific needs of each port to implement the most appropriate solutions. For example: 
    • HAROPA – Le Havre and Rouen are supporting the SamueLNG project to retrofit the engine of the Samuel de Champlain dredger, first French flag vessel in 2019 using LNG as a fuel and funded by the EU.
    • HAROPA Ports de Paris offers GTL power solutions for its customers at its sites (used, for example, by the inland cruise ships of Croisieuropes stopping off at the network, or by the river boat)
    • HAROPA Port of Le Havre hosted for the first time on January 4 one of the largest LNG-powered ships in the world, the CMA CGM Palais Royal, and is finalizing an LNG bunkering license for their dedicated bunkering vessel “GAS AGILITY” in parallel with the “LNG ready terminal” label.
  • HAROPA develops the hydrogen technology:
    • HAROPA is a partner of the European H-2 Ship project to study the deployment of hydrogen for ship propulsion on the Seine.
    • A green hydrogen plant (H2V Industry) is to be built on the industrial zone of Port-of Rouen to supply the industrial-area of Le Havre as well as vehicles, heavy goods or ships.
  • HAROPA joined actively the Getting To Zero Coalition which has launched the Sea Cargo Charter, a great initiative in a very short time. It allows climate considerations to be integrated into chartering decisions to promote climate-friendly shipping and thus allows leaders from various industry sectors to use their influence to drive change and promote the green transition of shipping. It brings together a group of the world’s largest energy, agriculture, mining and commodity trading companies.

This set of actions underlines the determination of HAROPA – Ports in particular to reduce the carbon footprint of the maritime and transport industry on a global scale.