Port of Antwerp


With almost 6 million tonnes of fuel bunkered yearly in the Port of Antwerp, the port is the fifth-largest bunkering port in the world. Port of Antwerp aims to become a Multi Fuel Port by introducing clean marine fuels like LNG, hydrogen and methanol in its bunker market. To that end, the port authority takes action from its four roles:

Port of Antwerp as regulator: The Port Police Regulations provide a clear, transparent framework for safe bunkering of alternative fuels

Port of Antwerp as landlord: a bunkering map shows where various fuels can and cannot be bunkered in the port, space is provided within the port for storage and bunkering of clean marine fuels and incentives award pioneering shipping companies in the adoption of new fuels

Port of Antwerp as operator: methanol and hydrogen are introduced as fuels in the port authority’s fleet of harbour tug boats

Port of Antwerp as community builder: through collaboration with other ports in the World Ports Climate Action Program and the World Ports Sustainability Programme, through cross-industry cooperation within the Getting to Zero Coalition and through liaisons with research institutes, suppliers, technology providers and shipping operators