Hamburg Port Authority

The Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) has been providing future-oriented port management services offering one face to the customer since 2005. To ensure safe and efficient processes in the Port of Hamburg and meet the demands of a growing port, the HPA relies on intelligent and innovative solutions. The HPA is responsible for resource-efficient, sustainable planning and the implementation of infrastructure projects in the port. It is the contact point for all kinds of questions concerning the waterside and landside infrastructure, the safety of navigation for vessels, port railway facilities, port property management and business conditions in the port. The HPA ensures the provision of land as required, carries out all statutory duties placed on it and provides port industry services. It markets port-specific technical knowledge and represents the interests of the Port of Hamburg at a national and international level

HPA makes specific efforts in relation to sustainable and low carbon alternative marine fuels as these are the most important factor for marine decarbonization. In order to support the application, HPA has a role as land lease agent for different kinds of infrastructure facilities. Studies are conducted in order to gain knowledge about alternative fuels and appropriate infrastructure requirements. Further, HPA acts as enabler and ecosystem orchestrator: initiating and supporting pilot projects as well as linking various stakeholders. HPA itself also acts as demonstrator of alternative marine fuels applications.The port`s ship fleet is a field of application as well as mobile onshore power generated by low carbon alternative fuels.