Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Early 2000, Mayor of City of Los Angeles committed to lower pollution at Port of Los Angeles (POLA), with Shore to Ship connections known as Alternative Maritime Power (AMP).

In August of 2004, POLA installed first Shore to Ship connection at Berth 100 through a barge, which was equipped with a 6.6KV primary transformer to 480V secondary and it was a successful connection.

In December of 2007, California Air Resources Board (CARB) adapted the Shore to Ship connections methodology and required all Ports in State of California to connect ships to shore power, starting January of 2013 for 50% of all berthed ships.

By January of 2014, POLA completed construction of shore to ship connections for (21) 6.6KV container ships and (2) 11KV cruise ships. 

POLA was an active participant in establishing International Standard of Shore to Ship connection designated as IEC/ISO/IEEE 8005-1 in July of 2012, which laid out the technical and the rules for ship connections, and to be implemented worldwide.

POLA is in planning stage to provide shore to ship connections for RORO’s in 2025, and for tankers in 2025 to comply with new CARB rules. In addition, POLA is evaluating power infrastructures and requirements to comply with City of Los Angeles Clean Air Action Plan to provide zero emission electrified trucks/top picks/forklifts by January of 2030.

POLA contacts:

Environmental: Tim DeMoss: (310) 221- 4782. E-mail: tdemoss@portla.org

Engineering: Shawki Aboulhosn (310) 732-3326. E-mail: saboulhosn@portla.org

Engineering: Dac Hoang (310) 732-2620. E-mail: dhoang@portla.org

Construction and Maintenance: Warren Lee: (310) 732-0328. E-mail: lwarren@portla.org

Website to shore to ship connections: https://www.portoflosangeles.org then click on environmental/air quality/ocean-going vessel emission reduction.