The Port of Barcelona is committed to ensuring competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability in all its activities and services. In this sense, the Port is aware of the role that On Shore Power Supply (OPS) plays within the ecological transition, associated with the reduction of emissions, the decarbonisation of transport and therefore with the objectives of improving air quality in cities, which is our main priority.

The Port of Barcelona currently has 2 OPS connection for mega yachts in our Marina Barcelona 92. The first one is running from 2014 with 4MVA supply to 6 kV and a second has been delivered in august 2020, with 3.5MVA supply to 6 kV.

Additionally, the Port has started its electrification plan to provide with OPS their berths. The current plan will provide one of its container terminals with two OPS by 2022 (3.75 MVA up to 7 MVA) and also a connection point for ferrys up to 3MVA. 

By 2030 the Port of Barcelona will have completed its own electrical substation and its connection to the national grid so additionally all the cruises terminals shall be equipped with OPS.