Vinicius Patel elected IAPH Regional Vice President for Central and South America

Porto do Açu’s director of port administration is voted onto the IAPH board

Porto do Açu’s director of port administration is voted onto the IAPH board

IAPH is pleased to announce that following a regional by-election, IAPH members of the Central and South America region elected Vinicius Patel, director of port administration at Porto do Açu, Brazil, as their new vice-president.

Vinicius comes with more than fifteen years of experience in the port, oil and gas, and logistics industries. He served as senior executive in companies such as Braskem and GranEnergia. and joined the Prumo Group in 2017 to help set up DOME Serviços Integrados, a joint venture between Prumo Logística and GranEnergia focused on subsea infrastructure for the oil and gas industry.

Vinicius has been port administration director at Porto do Açu since 2019, in charge of maritime management, infrastructure, quality, health, environment, and safety, and institutional relations at the port.

He is the third executive from the Porto do Açu to hold this IAPH position and has been already active in the Association. Vinicius played a key role in the Port of Açu-led global WPSP-IAPH COVID19 Taskforce during the pandemic, reporting on the work done by the port to support local communities with vaccine provision and food supplies as best practices. He has also been directly involved in a number of other IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program projects, including the award-winning Marine Turtle Conservation Programme.

Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven commented: “We congratulate Vinicius Patel and the Port of Açu as he joins the IAPH board, and also look forward to the continued support of his team on our committees and working groups. As Latin America’s largest private port energy and logistics hub we look forward to their valuable inputs on many of our initiatives on the energy transition, digitalisation and resilience which they have already offered significant contributions to over the years.”

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Photograph credit: Mauro de Souza