Vancouver Fraser Port Authority – Energy Action Initiative

Towards the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s goal of phasing out all port-related air emissions by 2050, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority operates the Energy Action Initiative, in partnership with BC Hydro. BC Hydro is one of the largest energy suppliers in Canada, with over 98% of the power it generates coming from clean, renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric facilities, wind, solar and biomass.

Through the Energy Action initiative, the port authority supports terminal operators and tenants across the Port of Vancouver in exploring and implementing projects to conserve energy, such as by switching to LED lights, replacing fossil fuel-powered equipment with electric-powered equipment, generating on-site renewable electricity, and managing facilities’ electrical load to reduce the overall energy consumption.

The port authority assists by sharing information on best practices; performing energy assessments; supporting and facilitating studies; assisting tenants in developing business cases for energy conservation and electrification measures; and supporting tenants’ applications for financial incentives from BC Hydro. To date, the initiative has helped implement more than 50 energy conservation projects across port lands — helping save more than 15,800 MWh of energy, which is enough to annually power around 1,600 houses.