Ulsan Port – Start-up to Grow-up Onestop Platform

The Ulsan Port is the biggest port in Korea supporting industry. Many industries have developed at the Ulsan Port. While there is much potential for industries to develop in the future, start-ups usually face difficulties in advancing into the port industry. As part of its efforts to tackle this problem, Ulsan Port Authority (UPA) established and operates a platform for supporting start-ups from their launch to their fully-fledged growth. The platform, designed to support start-ups focusing on port related technologies, has produced numerous achievements. It has nurtured excellent personnel, innovative companies and created jobs in the local port community.

For example, the platform fully supported a company which developed a ship’s berthing monitoring system using AI technology from the initial stage of its development until its actual operational implementation in the port.  Furthermore, as an energy hub port, UPA actively supported the development of LNG hose reel for the safe and efficient LNG bunkering at Ulsan Port and assisted on its actual implementation.

Nowadays, young entrepreneurs are paying close attention to the Ulsan Port’s platform, designed to nurture port industry. The platform for supporting start-ups in the port industry of the Ulsan Port contributes to the local community attracting high quality personnel in marine and port industry and supporting the development and implementation of outstanding technologies.