Ulsan Port – Port Cargo Working Safety Index

Ulsan Port developed the world’s first “Port Cargo Working Safety Index” to quantify safety levels and reduce port occupational accidents through surveying the operations of the Terminal Operation Company and that of liquid bulk terminals. The index calculates five safety levels by applying weights to seven diagnostic performance indicators. Utilizing the index, each company can diagnose the current safety level of each stevedore.

Ulsan Port has developed the Index in line with current research findings, operational realities, and in consultation with all relevant stakeholders as part of a dedicated working group. After the pilot introduction of the index in 2023, industrial accidents decreased by 7%, and accidents onboard ships decreased by 40% compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, Ulsan Port maintains a zero major port loading and unloading accidents rate for five consecutive years, By achieving reduction of industrial accidents in the port through quantified management of safety levels, Ulsan Port aims to become a leader in global port safety.