Port of Duqm – Whale Management Programme

The Port of Duqm, Oman is a gateway to global commerce and vital trade route, but also home to the habitat of the critically endangered Arabian Sea Humpback Whale. With a population estimated at less than 100, collisions with ships and entanglement in fishing gear is posing a dire threat to their survival.

The Port of Duqm rose to the challenge, becoming a champion for the species through partnering with the Authorities, NGOs & other stakeholders to implement a comprehensive Whale Management Plan to minimize risks to the whales. This included enforcing speed limits, conducting awareness programmes for fishermen, issuing detailed guidelines for incoming ships, organising community clean-up initiatives, and establishing dedicated facilities for the disposal of old and damaged fishing gear.

The port has also supported research by deploying acoustic monitoring buoys and funding ecological studies, while increasing industry engagement on the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and training shipping agencies, vessel crews, and even military entities on responsible practices.

Collectively, this work led to the successful rescue of an entangled whale and facilitated rescue efforts following a whale’s death within the port boundary standing as a testament to the power of collaboration in environmental conservation.