Tenerife Ports – e-ISLAND Sustainable Electric Mobility Plan

In line with its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife launched in 2016 its Sustainable Electric Mobility Plan, e-Island. The plan primarily targets air emission savings through enhanced energy efficiency and the use of cleaner and renewable energy. e-Island comprises of five main action pillars:

  1. Installation of a network of fast charging points for electrical vehicles in the Canary island ports so that travelers can charge the batteries of their cars while waiting to board their vessels.
  2. Acquiring a fleet of zero emissions port electric vehicles (e.g. surveillance units of the Port Police and service units of offices and works) to demonstrate the port’s firm commitment to sustainability and give the good example to citizens.
  3. Providing Onshore Power Supply to vessels in order to reduce emissions, noise and vibrations at berth.
  4. Producing solar and wind energy in the port to cover the port authority energy needs.
  5. Achieving energy savings through Intelligent Public Lighting (e.g. adapting the lighting level to the level of traffic on the roads).

The budget of the Sustainable Electric Mobility Plan, e-Island, amounts to 6 M € and has acquired European funding amounting to 2.9 M €. The full implementation of the e-Island pillars will lead to an estimated 85% reduction of CO2 emissions from the targeted activities.