Tenerife Port Authority – The “Cohesion Factory” port-city initiative

“Factoría de Cohesión” is a project initiative from the Tenerife Port Authority that began its journey in 2016, with the aim of integrating ports into local communities of the Canary Islands.

To achieve this objective, the Cohesion Factory has carried out community actions in different social fields focused on training, awareness building, workshops and community engagement in the following areas :

  • Training and economic development (Sea of Opportunities, The Blue Guide),
  • Employment promotion (Port2Empleo/Port2Employ, BlueUp start-ups initiative),
  • Equality and citizen empowerment (El Puerto Violeta, Litoral en red social outreach),
  • Supporting cultural heritage & events (Navegarte, the Fiesta Estela Viva, Santa Cruceros);
  • Environmental actions.

All the projects developed and executed by La Factoría de Cohesión have been aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The actions that have carried been out since its inception has aimed at applying the following a significant number of UN SDGs including; SDG4 (Quality education), SDG5 (Gender equality), SDG8 (Economic growth), SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities), and SDG17 (Partnerships to achieve the goals).