Solomon Islands Ports Authority – Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Community

When we embarked on the green port journey in 2017, Our aim and vision was to be a ‘Carbon Neutral Port’ by 2030 and the leading Port in the region in terms of championing the use of renewable energy. As of Today, Solomon Ports exhibits the largest solar outfit for a Port in the Pacific Region.

As part of the extension of our port-community dialogue through this Green Port Project, Solomon Ports embarked on this new project to support rural communities by providing sustainable energy for those who previously could not access any form of energy. Solomon Ports has already reached out to communities across Solomon Islands, with 5 communities already being the first recipients of our initiative, providing lights to over a hundred families. These major community lighting projects include Tulagi Town streetlight, Madili School lighting, Noro Market, Sepi Village community hall, and Common streetlights. More Communities have already been identified across all the 9 provinces, which our team will be implementing this year.

As part our project roadmap going forward, this project will be extended towards more deprived communities in all provinces in the Solomon Islands. An investment of USD$ 100,000 has been allocated for community projects to promote and encourage more communities across the country to use more renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse emissions to the environment.

With the aim of becoming a Zero Emission Port by 2030, Solomon Ports has endeavored to promote and build a social cohesion towards establishing renewable energy for rural communities in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Ports also take pride in investing in its communities to achieve this goal by assisting them with solar outfits, installation and maintenance and creating awareness on the importance of using renewable energy for a sustainable community.