Solomon Islands Ports Authority – Green Ports Project

Solomon Islands Ports Authority embarked on a “Green Ports” project in order to reduce green house gas ( GHG) emissions from its operations and increase the usage of renewable energy to facilitate its daily operations. This is the first ever such initiative in the South Pacific. Port of Honiara and Port of Noro are the two ports under Ports Authority’s jurisdiction running this program with a vision to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Port of Noro will be powered by a 1Mw solar farm to provide electricity to power all its reefer containers. Port of Honiara has already since September 2019 commissioned the region’s largest LED outfit for international and domestic terminal operations and solar powered lights for the ISPS perimeter fence. The SBD $15 Million worth project makes Solomon Ports the first in the South Pacific to use ‘LED lighting system’ in its facilities and operations. The new LED lights are more energy efficient and the project will enhance efficiency in port operations and productivity output, especially with fast vessel turn-around. It will also ensure the safety and security of SIPA employees, in terms of providing higher visibility during night operations.

Solomon Ports is also planning to invest in hybrid yard equipment in 2020. Two energy audits were conducted from 2017 to 2018 to identify energy efficiency levels and calculate carbon footprint levels to transform ports to be more “GREEN” in the future.