Sabah Ports – Green Port Policy and Program

Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd (SPSB) officially launched its Green Port Policy and Program in 2017, declaring SPSB’s commitment on environmental sustainability. The Program embeded several environmental strategies, among which the electrification of the Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes in SPBS’s premium container port, Sapangar Bay Container Port (SBCP). This RTG electrification has reduced carbon emission to the environment by eliminating the consumption of fossil fuels.

Aside from the RTG electrification, SPSB has also initiated the replacement of highmast 1000W HPS lighting to 300W LED lighting. Switching to LED lighting has reduced daily energy consumption and therefore the company’s carbon footprint. SPSB has further completed its Environmental Management Plan (EMP) report for all its 8 ports. The EMP report contains recommendations that will improve and ensure SPSB’s compliance to applicable local and international environmental legislation and standards. A bi-annual environmental monitoring program has also been initiated and conducted in SPSB port operation areas. This is done to ensure all waste or pollutants discharged into the environment are within permissible limits.

In order to further enhance its compliance in waste management, SPSB also initiated its first ever electrical and electronic waste (E–Waste) collection and disposal. A total of 1.02 MT of such waste were successfully collected and disposed from its headquarters alone. An E–Waste awareness seminar was conducted and attended by SPSB management and staff as part of the initiative prior to the waste collection.