PSA Marine – LNG dual-fuel tugs

As part of PSA Marine’s longer-term commitment to a greener marine environment and sustainability, we awarded a contract in 2017 to build and operate two LNG dual-fuel tugs. PSA Aspen and PSA Oak joined the fleet in August 2019 and June 2020 respectively. Both tugs can operate in either diesel or LNG mode, carry up to 25 cubic meters of LNG in a Type C tank located within the vessel body. They are compliant with all IMO emissions requirements.

These tugs have demonstrated that there is no difference in performance as compared to convention tugs. In addition to eliminating SOx and particulate matter emissions, while achieving 80% NOx emissions reduction, the operation of the tugs in LNG mode can achieve about 22% reduction of CO2 and lower noise levels for better crew comfort.

Despite the additional technical and operational challenges associated with LNG bunkering and the additional safety protocols and efforts, these LNG dual-fuel tugs have been welcomed by the crew onboard PSA Aspen and PSA Oak. They underwent the requisite training to carry out LNG bunkering operations, operation and maintenance of the dual-fuel engine and the LNG storage and supply systems. The valuable knowledge and hands-on experience derived from operating these tugs will enable us to contribute towards ongoing industry-wide discussions on LNG bunkering as well as to evaluate potential business opportunities in this space in Singapore and overseas.

As PSA Marine reduces its carbon footprint with these LNG dual-fuel tugs, PSA Aspen and PSA Oak, we are committed to deliver only the best in every leg of our customers and stakeholders’ journey and support port operations 24/7, 365 days a year.