Ports Authority of Tonga – Shore power at domestic wharf

The Ports Authority of Tonga (PAT), a public enterprise fully owned by the Government, has initiated a pioneering project aimed at significantly reducing carbon emissions at our port areas by targeting vessel emissions. Recognizing the environmental challenges and the importance of sustainable practices, PAT has undertaken the installation of shore power connections at our domestic TTIVDW terminal for all local ferries operating in Tonga.

The project goals include:

  1. Reduce carbon emissions: The primary objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of local ferries while they are berthed at the port.
  2. Promote sustainable practices: Support the global shift towards greener and more resilient port operations.
  3. Align with regional vision: Fulfill the commitments outlined in the Pacific Port Vision 2030-50, adopted during the Pacific Transport and Energy Ministers’ meeting in Vanuatu in 2023.
  4. Contribute to Maritime Decarbonization and Green Corridor Shipping: Enhance PAT’s role in the global Maritime Decarbonization campaign and the establishment of Green Shipping Corridors.

The installation of shore power plug-in facilities at the TTIVDW terminal initially targeted seven local ferries operating within Tonga. Starting of the next financial year (1st July 2024), all local ferries will be mandated to use the TTIVDW Terminal and must turn off their engines to connect to shore power immediately upon docking. This initiative is expected to nearly eliminate carbon emissions from these vessels while they are berthed, as they will switch from diesel to shore power generated from renewable sources. In fact, the shore power system is powered by renewable energy generated from a rooftop solar installation on the Terminal Building.