Ports Australia – Ports and a Sustainable Australia

Ports Australia has endeavoured through this project to explore, promote and unify the priceless work Australian ports are undertaking in the scope of sustainability. Considering what a sustainable future looks like through the lens of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the World Ports Sustainability Program’s themes, along with the needs of our Australian port sector and wider community, our project was crafted to showcase the numerous ways our ports have positively impacted their own operations or the community they reside in.

Along with our Ports and a Sustainable Australia report, we have created an online Sustainability Hub, a convenient collection of projects being undertaken by our ports which are mapped in accordance with the WPSP’s themes. Each project is showcased in a way that outlines purpose, effect, future goals, and correlation with both the UN’s SDGs and the WPSP’s themes. The purpose was established through close consultation with corporate and government stakeholders, and ongoing dialogue amongst our member ports. The effect of each project is shown wherever possible with tangible results, whether it be an effect on people, environment, or business success, which is complimented by future goals, being how those effects can be built upon in future.

Ports Australia sees sustainability at the very core of business, community and environmental prosperity. As an island nation, over 98 per cent of our country’s trade passes through the port gate, which means our ports have the key role of leading Australia’s trade network on a sustainable path. As the peak body representing those ports, we won’t stop promoting and encouraging their journey as they follow that path.