Porto Sudeste – Sustainability, Equilibrium and Respect Program

The Sustainability, Equilibrium and Respect (SER) Program is a management tool created by the Environment and Social Responsibility teams at Porto Sudeste as a way to decentralize socio-environmental management and engage all company employees – managers, coordinators and supervisors of all operational and administrative areas – in the purpose of going beyond simply complying with licensing conditions and socio-environmental legislation.

SER guarantees the application of good practices on a daily basis, and the active participation of employees in favor of sustainable development, thus balancing the company’s productivity and gains with respect for the environment, surrounding communities, legislation and internal procedures. With the implementation of the program, responsibility for ensuring the terminal’s environmental compliance, which was previously concentrated in the Environment department, was shared by all employees. The increase in workers’ environmental awareness and education and the feeling of ownership over environmental issues at the terminal by operational leaders resulted in improvements and environmental and social gains, bringing the company closer and closer to the principles of Conscious Capitalism and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Employees in leadership positions and their respective teams are evaluated on 16 indicators in their respective activities. Compliance with defined activity routines and frequencies generate a grade, which directly reflects on their Profit Sharing. Since the implementation of SER, Porto Sudeste has been ensuring growth in its environmental and social performance. For example, the Compliance Index, which considers compliance with legal requirements and other relevant practices, rose from 8,5 to 9,9 between July 2021 and December 2022. This highlights the strengthening of the culture and socio-environmental routine, the sustainable day-to-day actions of the entire company and the maintenance of environmental compliance.