Port of Surigao – Green Port Initiatives

The Port of Surigao is undergoing a remarkable transformation, positioning itself as an exponent in sustainable port management practices. This project champions environmental stewardship through renewable energy, pollution mitigation, and innovative waste management strategies. It aims to foster a clean and healthy environment for the surrounding communities while ensuring efficient and sustainable port operations.

The project goals include:

  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize carbon footprint through solar power adoption and shore-based power supply systems.
  • Improve energy efficiency by implementing LED lighting and inverter air-conditioning units.
  • Maintain stringent air quality standards and control dust pollution for a healthier environment.
  • Implement responsible waste management through partnerships, dedicated treatment facilities, and waste reduction initiatives.
  • Enhance biodiversity and promote eco-friendly practices through greening projects, including carbon sequestration areas, plant nurseries, and hydroponics.
  • Achieve long-term sustainability through a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) and adherence to international standards.

Through the inpmlementation of these initiatives, the green Port of Surigao will serve as a model for the Philippine maritime industry. It will contribute to cleaner air, reduced pollution, and a more sustainable future for the region. Further benefits include reduced environmental impact, improved energy efficiency and cost savings, enhanced public health and community well-being, and leadership and innovation within the maritime sector.

This project fosters collaboration with industry partners, waste disposal providers, and the local community. We have invited stakeholders to join us in building a cleaner, greener, and more resilient maritime industry. The Port of Surigao’s transformation is a manifestation of our dedication to a sustainable future. Together, one port, one community, and one planet at a time, we can chart a course towards a cleaner tomorrow.