Port Saint John – Debris Free Fundy / Rope Recycling

In partnership with the Huntsman Marine Science Center, Port Saint John installed 8 rope collection bins on Port property to collect and recycle unused marine rope which would normally end up in the landfill or ocean. This initiative connects to the following SDG’s: 12- Responsible Consumption and Production, 13- Climate Action, 14- Life Below Water and 17- Partnerships for the Goals.

The bins were put in place at the end of 2019. In 2020, Port Saint John recycled nearly 3,000 pounds of rope. So far in 2021, over 3,500 pounds of rope has already been collected showing use of the bins by port stakeholders is growing exponentially.

Some of this rope has been repurposed by the Fundy North Fishermen’s Association into weaved rope mats and sold for charity. The Huntsman Marine Science Center hosts workshops on how to weave the unwanted rope into wreaths and baskets. This aspect of the project improves the overall sustainability of this program as reusing materials has less of an environmental impact than recycling. The impact of this initiative is measured by how much rope is collected each year and our commercial stakeholders are committed to continuing the use of these bins. Our Health, Safety and Environment Advisor has championed this project for Port Saint John.

The Debris Free Fundy initiative now has 24 bins at 20 different locations in southwest New Brunswick. Fishermen and women along the coast will continue to take advantage of this system for years to come.