Port of Vigo – Sunset Dock Project

Located on the bay “Ria de Vigo”, NW coast of Spain, Port of Vigo is an excellent natural port sheltered from the ocean. The Ría de Vigo has an exceptional landscape and natural values. It is surrounded by the National Park “Illas Atlánticas” and other natural protected areas. The situation and its natural resources make this location an important zone for artesian fishing and aquaculture. Port of Vigo works on promoting the ecological and cultural conservation of the Ria. The compatibility of industrial activity and a high environmental status area are a priority for the Port.

Through the implementation of its Blue Growth strategy, the Port of Vigo brings together its port community stakeholders in achieving sustainable development and establishes 4 concrete objectives. The “green” objective is an integral programme that includes environmental actions. In this context, the project “Sunset Dock” was created. Planned on 4 stages, Sunset Dock includes a set of actions to develop innovative practices that allow achieving sustainability objectives by:

  • Recovering the good state of marine ecosystems in the port area
  • Promoting awareness of ecosystem conservation in the port area
  • Reducing carbon emissions through CO2 capture techniques

The creation of a marine natural ecosystem in the port waters is being studied in order to protect and increase the biodiversity in the port. The design and installation of structures for colonization by species of fauna and flora is on-going and the first successful outcomes can be demonstrated. Furthermore, Sunset Dock aims to set up synergies between companies, research institutions and technological centres in order to generate knowledge and to promote new environmental technologies. In addition, the Sunset Dock monitoring and dissemination plan aims at offering to the local community a live experience where the audience can follow up the process of marine habitats colonization and restoration.