Port of Vigo – Integrating the Jules Verne Strategy and Atlantic Cooperation

The decarbonization strategy of the Port of Vigo falls within the framework of the European Green Deal and the European Commission’s Atlantic Strategy, advocating for a just and sustainable transition towards climate neutrality. This initiative, an integral part of the Blue Growth Vigo plan, marks a milestone in this process by addressing emissions reduction and promoting green energy through the implementation of the Julio Verne Strategy.

This project, supported by over 20 companies and entities, aims to position the Port of Vigo as an international leader in the use of green hydrogen, also contributing to SDGs 7, 13, and 17. The objective is the decarbonization of maritime port activities as well as contributing to a just energy transition and the climate neutrality goal of the European Green Deal, which is part of the Port of Vigo’s Blue Growth strategy and is framed within the actions of Pillar I of the Atlantic Action Plan.

Therefore, the project involves collaboration with the community in its hinterland, as well as key representatives from the four EU Member States bordering the Atlantic Ocean: France, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. This multinational collaboration aims to collectively address the challenges and opportunities in the Atlantic region, promoting cooperation and sustainable development in areas such as the blue economy.