Port of Vigo – Blue Trail Heritage Route

The “Blue Trail: Heritage Route of the Port of Vigo” project is an innovative and sustainable initiative that celebrates the rich maritime heritage of the Port of Vigo while promoting inclusive and sustainable tourism. Motivated by the aim to integrate the city and the port and supported by the Port of Vigo’s Blue Growth Plan, the “Blue Trail” offers visitors a journey spanning over 7,5 kilometers with 21 points of interest. These points highlight the area’s history, culture, and biodiversity, from the Battle of Rande to the evolution of the fishing port of O Berbés.

What sets this project apart is its participatory approach, developed in collaboration with the Heritage and History Commission of the Blue Growth Vigo Plan. This approach ensures representation from all sectors of the blue economy and fosters a sense of community ownership. Moreover, the route incorporates interactive and educational technologies such as informative panels with QR codes and augmented reality, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.

The “Blue Trail” also contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It enhances historic urban spaces (SDG 11), promotes marine conservation (SDG 14), and strengthens partnerships for sustainable development (SDG 17). The active involvement of the community and various institutions underscores its inclusive and collaborative nature.

The project’s innovation lies in its fusion of modern technologies with the preservation of historical heritage, transforming port signage into an educational and cultural tool. This not only enriches the visitor experience but also ensures broader and more appealing dissemination of the area’s heritage. The Port Authority of Vigo has demonstrated clear leadership and vision in implementing sustainability strategies, fostering competitiveness and efficiency in all port activities, and collaborating internationally for knowledge exchange in marine sustainability.