Port of Tokyo – Addressing Port congestion during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Traffic congestion occurs often around the container terminals in Tokyo Port. Since many competition venues of “the 2020 Tokyo Olympics” are located in the surroundings of the port area, serious traffic congestion is expected during the Games as a result of combined port and Olympics-related traffic.

Efforts to reduce congestion are therefore necessary for ensuring both the success of the Olympic Games as well as the sustainability of port logistics, the trucks’ productivity, the provision of decent working conditions and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Port Authority), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Tokyo Port Terminal CO.,LTD. (TPT) have long joined forces to address these challenges through the development and reorganization of new container terminals.

In addition, during the Olympic Games, a Traffic Demand Management (TDM) system will be implemented to reduce the traffic volume from the city center by 30% in comparison to normal level so as to achieve both the smooth transportation for the Games and the sustainability of economic activities. In order to cooperate with shippers and logistics operators, the port authority is actively working with the national and local governments, in holding briefings with companies and promoting the aims of the TDM. Specifically, the control of traffic volumes is targeted through joint use of warehouses and trucks by multiple shippers, inventory adjustment for levelling delivery dates, and elimination of long-term storage cargo to improve cargo handling efficiency at container terminals.

The port of Tokyo will be building on these efforts also after the end of the Olympic Games to continue tackling traffic congestion and improving logistics efficiency.