Port of Shahid Beheshti – Relocation of corals located in limit of development plan

In Chabahar Bay, the coral reef colonies located between the dikes of the Shahid Beheshti Port were endangered by port activities and the land reclamation and dredging projects of the port. Given the disturbance of their natural habitat and the associated risks, the relocation of the colonies was decided in 2011 as the most appropriate measure for the conservation and recovery of them. During the relocation project, over 28.000 hard corals were transferred to the coastal area at a distance of 3.5 km far from Shahid Beheshti Port.

Best available techniques were employed for the different phases of the project including the preparation of the new location, the detachment, transportation and re-attachment of the corals. A monitoring program including the deployment of surveillance cameras was established since for ensuring the conservation and recovery of the coral reefs in their new location. The monitoring results over time demonstrate growth of the coral reel colonies and provide evidence of the success of the relocation project.