Port of Marseille – StoryBike

Environmental excellence is a clear commitment of many companies involved in the Port of Marseille-Fos and many initiatives are being implemented with a real impact on air quality or the preservation of biodiversity. However, it must be said that there is a huge communication deficit towards the public, which has a very degraded image of the environmental commitment of the Port of Marseille and therefore of its actors.

To address this issue, the Storybike project carried by the “Terrasses du port” shopping center offers an innovative, interactive and educational solution for the public, highlighting all the “green” initiatives of both public and private stakeholders in the Port of Marseille. The solution takes the form of an interactive stationary bicycle that allows you to virtually ‘visit’ projects with an ecological impact around the Port. The device offers the user (target 18-25-year-old) the opportunity to go on a fun ride to discover local sustainable projects. As soon as they get on the bike, the screen comes to life and, after displaying the context and basic instructions, the user can choose between different ‘stories’, inspired by social networks. The emphasis is placed on interactivity and entertainment.

The various initiatives on the “Terrasses du port” shopping center are part of the Hammerson Group’s Net Positive approach. Between now and 2030, the Group has embarked on an ambitious program to reduce its impact on the environment by reducing emissions from CO₂ and water consumption, optimizing resources and reducing the socio-economic impact. The Terrasses du Port has also had its Bream-in-Use certification with the mention “Excellent” renewed in 2019. Obtained in 2018, it evaluates the operational performance of the buildings in terms of sustainable development.