Port of Marseille – Smartbolt digital cargo seal

87% of global container theft and contamination occur while in transit causing a loss to the industry of nearly $50 billion. In addition to this, inspections and seal verifications cause congestion and operational inefficiency at port and transit centers. It takes an average of 3 minutes to verify a cargo seal so a fleet of one thousand will need 3 days to complete verification causing tremendous delay.

To tackle this issue, Anatsol and Traxens have co-developed the smartbolt, a prototype digital seal compatible with smart containers that makes cargo transit secure, fast and hassle free. The smarbolt is scanned for critical information that is digitized and communicated to the Anatsol and Traxens clouds thereby eliminating human intervention. Updates are sent in real time across the intermodal supply chain. In case of any delay or disturbance, immediate alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders. Combined with tracking and cargo security data it gets easier to get on fast lane at port and check points.

Smartbolt offers the following advantages:

  • Reducing customs clearance time and associated costs incurred by players in the logistics ecosystem
  • Accelerating the follow-up of contamination events
  • Simplifying insurance claims
  • Ensuring cargo integrity
  • Improving the operational efficiency of ports
  • Enabling data interoperability