Port of Long Beach – Community Grants Program

The Port of Long Beach Community Grants Program is a global model for supporting resilient environments and promoting health and well-being in near-port communities heavily impacted by industrial operations. The Program is an innovative, community-based initiative that has set aside $65 million since 2009 to address port-related air and water quality impacts, greenhouse gases, traffic, and noise pollution. The Program represents the country’s largest voluntary seaport mitigation program, with over $42 million in grants awarded to date. The Program funds projects scientifically proven to reduce port impacts, and community-based organizations can apply for specific projects that matter most to them, elevating community power and democracy. The Port hosts multilingual public workshops to establish funding priorities and awards up to $4 million annually through competitive grants, ensuring a steady funding stream for community projects that build resiliency, sustainability, and partnerships.

The Program includes three sub-programs: Community Health supports respiratory healthcare programs and services; Facility Improvements funds projects such as air filters and energy-efficiency upgrades; and Community Infrastructure funds capital projects such as buffer parks and water quality improvements. Since 2017, the Program has provided over $12 million for asthma-related health programs, $5.7 million for air filtration projects in vulnerable communities, $3.6 million for door and window replacements and LED lighting, $4.4 million for parks projects, and $3 million for stormwater projects.

The Program builds resilient community environments, strengthens green infrastructure, promotes equitable and sustainable land use, contributes to thriving ecosystems, expands accessible open spaces, promotes sustainable production and consumption, and ensures inclusive and accountable governance, successfully aligning itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.