Port of Kaohsiung – Master Plan 2017-2021

The Port of Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s largest international commercial port, with more than 10 million TEU per year. It is also located in the most populous city in southern Taiwan. In addition to Taiwan’s 2013 Green Port policy, the Port of Kaohsiung is the first port in Asia to have achieved certification under the EcoPorts Port Environmental Review System (PERS).

Since heavy industry and urban development increase conflicts between the port and city, the vision of the comprehensive Master Plan for Future Development and Construction 2017-2021 is to install resilient infrastructure and implement environmentally friendly technologies on one hand, and increase the community outreach and port-city dialogue on the other. The master-plan demonstrates how to achieve economic development while encompassing climate and environmental considerations through 2 major projects: the second phase of the Intercontinental Container Terminal Project and the Port Reinvention Project. These projects’ synergy creates a new way of thinking about the port and city development as a whole, and enhances the UN’s SDGs.

In the past, port and city were developed to meet different goals. Consequently, their distinct objectives have resulted in a huge gap in the spatial planning. Because of the urgent need for new development and the presence of heavy industry close to the city core, the two-phase Intercontinental Container Terminal Project reclaimed new land and relocated high-risk industry, such as 300 petrochemical oil tanks from the old port to a new location. It is one of the largest reclamation projects in Taiwan. Various environmentally friendly innovations and sustainable engineering techniques have been applied during various phases.

On the other hand, the access to the waterfront along the port has been restricted for the public for hundred years. The Port Reinvention Project brings people back to the waterfront to enjoy the great port city landscape and learn about its history. Safety, health, and an accessible port-city are critical commitments of the port authority.