Port of Huelva – Recovery of habitats and seabirds

The Port of Huelva is located in an area of high ecological value. In contrast, sediments are polluted due to acid drainage to the rivers that flowing into the port. The project “Recovery of habitats and seabirds through the beneficial use of dredging and bio-tools” is based on Working with Nature metodology and has been conceived not only in a way that is integrated into nature but also based on its natural processes for the success of the compatibility between port activity and the conservation of the ecological values.

In addition, this project has a clear component of improving the integration of the port in the city of Huelva, the social use of the port areas, the improvement of the quality of life, as well as the dissemination and environmental awareness. The project has recently been the winner of the Working with Nature Award on 35th PIANC World Congress 2024.