Port of Hamburg – Taking Action / Creating Values

With its 4th sustainability report, “Taking Action / Creating Values”, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) presents the successful implementation of a future-oriented concept. For the first time, the report is based on a shared value approach for a comprehensive sustainable development of the port of Hamburg through the involvement of all the main stakeholders.

The port is a key driver for the economic development of an entire metropolitan region. Taking into account the Port of Hamburg’s location in the middle of a metropolis of two million people, the effects of its actions have a very dense, direct and tangible impact on its surroundings, on people, the economy and nature. As such, the report goes well beyond the entrepreneurial and operational limits of the HPA and breaks new ground by establishing a project group whose members are aware of their responsibility for the sustainable development of the port and its supply chains. In this way, elementary topics and objectives for a resilient, powerful and adjustable future are identified and addressed.

The Sustainability Report “Taking Action / Creaing Values” applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. It formulates 9 strategic goals for sustainable development and defines concrete and measurable objectives though key figures and indicators. It also includes a commitment statement towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and makes concrete references to them throughout. Through “Taking Action / Creating Values”, HPA commits to partnership, cooperation and networking – with all port players, other ports and neighbouring countries. In addition, this process has changed a piece of culture in the port – a culture that relies more than before on cooperation and the joint identification of future issues and gives answers. In that sense, HPA’s Vision is future-proof.