Port of Guangzhou – Onshore Power Supply Project

On April 2017, the Onshore Power Supply system of the container terminal in Nansha Port district of Guangzhou Port was officially launched, after the successful completion of the testing process of ship-to-shore electrical docking, grid-connected operation and unbundling. Two sets of 1500kVA frequency conversion power supply systems are used to lower the 10kV power supply to 480V, to 50Hz 60Hz, and to raise the pressure to 6KV 6.6 KV marine power supply. Compared with the traditional low-voltage approach, it has the advantages of stable power supply system, simple cable connection operation and low power loss. The Onshore Power Supply connection points are installed on two terminals at the front of wharf # 15 berth and can be used simultaneously by vessels.

When the ship shore electricity system is in use, the auxiliary engines can be turned off by ships in port, which can greatly reduce carbon dioxide and exhaust emissions of air pollutants (NOx, SOX, PM). At the same time, noise is reduced and the working conditions on board are improved.