Port of Genoa – Onshore Power Supply to vessels

To comply with indications and provisions of EC Recommendations 2005/33 and 2006/339, the Ports Authority of Genoa has implemented Onshore Power Supply (OPS) facilities to serve three types of vessels (cruise ships, cargo ships and ferries) with different power supply requirements. OPS represents a really effective measure as it eliminates ships’ air emissions at berth as well as ship generators’ low frequency noise that propagates over long distances. The system has been designed (Final Design) by the Italian company DBA Progetti S.p.A in accordance with standard IEC8005-1.

A twofold medium voltage distribution network has been realized inside the port area (at 15kV, 50Hz and at 6,6/10/11kV at 60Hz based on a 10MW 50/60Hz ICBT converter) able to provide high electricity outputs by ensuring as well the maximum of flexibility to power cruise ships with up to 10MW at 10 or 11 kV, 60Hz; cargo ships and ferries with: 4-5 MW at 6,6 kV 50/60Hz, 2MW at 690V 50/60 HZ and 2MW at 400V or 440V 50/60 HZ.

In order to facilitate feeding operations for docked ships, a mobile structure was implemented that can be easily moved and positioned into different quays. A SCADA system to monitor and control the overall electrical plants and a high-band fiber optic data network are also relevant components of the project. Fully operational since 2018, the cold ironing plant of GENOA Ports is the first implemented OPS working case in Italy. Through constant adoption of this system, the port is making an important contribution to the reduction of both air and noise pollution, in the harbor zone as well as the adjacent urban area of the city of Genoa.