Port of Cagayan de Oro – Enhancing Port Security and Safety

Having been certified as ISPS compliant, the Port of Cagayan de Oro continuously enhances its safety and security measures through innovation and automation. A Command Center was established that serves as the nerve of communication for safety and security 24/7. Port of Cagayan de Oro regularly conducts radio communication checks at all port gates and stations and submits the same to the top management.

In partnership with LGUs and NGOs, informal settlers/Bajaos inside the perimeter of the port were relocated. Port workers are screened at the Access Control Center using the Baggage X-Ray Machine and Metal Detector. The port has also installed CCTV cameras connected to the Command Center to monitor activities and movement of equipment and personnel. Security patrols inside the port premises are conducted regularly including the sea side part using a motorized boat.

The Port of Cagayan de Oro conducts a complex and regular Maritime Simulation Exercises, in addition to its quarterly conduct of security and emergency drills for bomb, sea jacking, intrusion, fire, earthquake and medical emergencies. Port Security Advisories are issued promptly for information dissemination of new and relevant port security and safety protocols.

The enhancement and innovation of the safety and security measures have resulted in the following achievements of the port:

  1. Interception of suspected illegal drugs worth Php 500,000.00 from at the Passenger Terminal;
  2. Maritime interdiction of three (3) suspected members of Maute local terrorist group in port;
  3. Deployment of drone for security monitoring;
  4. Interception of alleged fake gold bars conceal by a passenger;
  5. Interception of PhP 32 million worth of cash placed in cardboard boxes;
  6. Interception of victims of child trafficking; and
  7. Elimination of Fake Pedestrian Pass through use of QR-coded IDs.
  8. Dive Team for security/safety under deck inspection;
  9. Continual Training and Deputation.