Port of Antwerp – Wearable device program

Innovation and digital transformation are crucial to enable the port of the future. It is essential that the operational colleagues of the Antwerp Port Authority can work safely. Therefore we have been teaming up since 2019 with the tech company Rombit to test various wearables in the field.

We first tested the Romware ONE safety bracelet for various applications:

  • Lone workers: colleagues who work alone can use the wearable when they are called up or are going to perform an intervention. As such they will be traceable in case of an incident.
  • Confined spaces: In lock gates, spaces are narrow and signal is often weak. Wearables have stronger signals to improve communication with other colleagues.
  • Testing on tugs: man down (e.g. someone falls into the engine room) and safe zone on deck (e.g. while towing). Sailors wear the wearable and if the ship is about to tow, the captain can activate the safe zone. If the sailor crosses the imaginary line, the alarm will sound and the sailor will receive a signal via the wearable.
  • Man overboard: this will be tested with a doll from a quay wall

Furthermore, in 2020, Rombit developed the Romware Covid Radius, a digital bracelet that ensures social distancing and permits contact tracing responding to the new realities imposed by the COVID19 pandemic. The Port of Antwerp was the first to test this innovative bracelet in May 2020 on the Boudewijn lock. Results were positive in terms of raising awareness and warning about keeping distances.