Port of Açu – Vila da Terra project

The resettlement of Vila da Terra was conceived by Port of Açu, in partnership with the local government, to relocate residents affected by the expropriation procedure undertaken to implement the Industrial District of São João da Barra, the Port´s industrial retro area. Vila da Terra was conceived and follow the best practices for rural resettlements, as well as IFC (International Finance Corporation) performance standards.

With a minimum area of 2 hectares, each property has a house measuring between 68 and 109 m², with up to four bedrooms all equipped with appliances and computer, as well as complete furniture. Currently 53 families (116 residents) live in Vila da Terra. All properties were delivered prepared for cultivation, with treated soil. In addition, the area has public lighting, sewage network, paved streets, sports court developed by the Port.

Besides the infrastructure, Port of Açu supports (i) social monitoring, (ii) agricultural technical support and (iii) financial support for 24 months after the physical relocation. Along with those support initiatives, Port of Açu develops spin off projects to empower and prepare the community for sustainable growth after the end of the financial support period. By those projects a Community Development Center is in the process of being implemented and an association of residents and producers of Vila da Terra (APROVILA) was created by specific associativism actions developed.

The “Fair in Porto” is another Vila da Terra spin off project, in which APROVILA farmers come into the Port weekly to sell their production to the port community (around 4000 workers). Fresh, organic and quality local farming products traded directly by the hands of producers to the Port workforce during the working day, creating a one of a kind stakeholders’ interaction. It is a win-win interaction between Vila da Terra producers and those who operate the Port.