Port of Açu – Together in the fight against Covid-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the world and to the whole Port and Maritime industry. As essentials to maintain the global trades, since the beginning of the pandemic, ports played an important role on keeping supply chains open and to allowing maritime trade to continue. Aware of its role in the local community, the Port of Açu set up Crisis Management at top management level to direct actions to raise awareness and fight COVID-19 and to maintain the safety and continuity of its operations and the whole port community.

With the port community working in an integrated manner, different fronts of action were set up to ensure proper allocation of efforts and results: support to vulnerable population; social engagement; support to healthcare and essential service workers; investments on technology and testing; safety of our people; and operational continuity. On national and international levels, Port of Açu collaborated with port sector to promote knowledge and best practices exchange.

Our efforts, in line with our values and ESG strategy, showed the importance of Port Administration as an integration agent, promoting collaboration between different players in the region. The results will leave a legacy for the port and region. The structures and trust-based relationships that were created will support the continuity of the port’s operations together with community protection and local development during the next phases of the pandemic and beyond. The “new normal” will be even more integrated, collaborative, ethical and responsible.

The Committees continue to work in 2021. The Port of Açu is monitoring and following the evolution of scientific knowledge and seeking innovative solutions to address the pandemic.