Port of Açu – Employability Network

Since its first development, Port of Açu assumed its position as a community builder, developing the local economy and providing work opportunities. Açu is in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, in a region historically connected to agribusiness and fishing. The Port has become an attractive spot for domestic and foreign companies with relevant capacity for job creation.

Despite all Brazilian’s economy downturn, which registered more than 13 million people unemployed in 2020, in our region we kept registering employment results above the national average and supporting the local workforce to find opportunities within Port of Açu and all over the country.

According to local assessments, job opportunities are by far the main expectation associated to port developments in the region. The Employability Network is an important ally to that purpose. It has allowed Port of Açu to reach more than 70% of its job opportunities fulfilled by the local workforce. And has proven to be a successful tool to implement SGD 8, by promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. In that regard, prioritizing the hiring of local workforce while maximizing job opportunities became a joint effort to all companies doing business in Port of Açu.

The Employability Network is a platform managed by the Port Administration that maps job opportunities and connects them to the local workforce. By mapping future hiring and professional qualification needs, the platform sets a single window for job opportunities, aiming at maximizing the hiring of local residents.

Focusing on community development, the program includes lectures in schools and universities and workshops in the communities nearby the port area, presenting how recruitment and selection processes work, focusing especially on behavioral orientation. The Network also allows for a comprehensive mapping of the workforce profile in the port, providing the basis for tailor-made programs to foster the participation of women, young people and person with disability.