Port of Açu – CORE Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies

Aligned with its values, Port of Açu is constantly challenged to reconcile its rapid expansion, maintaining its focus on operational excellence and ESG best practices. Seeking to ensure greater safety in operations, the Port Administration invests in the development of actions related to risk and emergency management since its foundation, aiming to integrate the port community to maximize operational and emergency control and efficiency.

In 2021, the Port Administration launched its Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies – CORE, an innovative structure that brings together maritime traffic, safety and security, and emergency management in an integrated environment, incorporating Port’s Regulation into its routine and unifying operational control, increasing synergies and responsiveness to emergency situations.

The unification and synergy provided by CORE resulted in a sensitive improvement of collaboration and cooperation within the terminals, as well as external stakeholders, such as the environmental agency, public firefighters and first responders, police and navy forces. CORE also plays an important role on managing the integrated emergency response plans as a single point of contact for operational routines and emergency events. By enhancing operational and risk protocols and increasing emergency response speed and efficiency, CORE improved safety and security around the Port complex.

That ground-breaking integrated model of culture, operational protocols and upscaled response capacity provides a replicable model that can be referenced to ports worldwide, empowering port administrations as port community leaders toward the development of a healthier, safer, and more secure port life.