Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Tenerife Port ZERO

Tenerife Port ZERO is at the forefront of sustainable port innovation, incorporating a wide range of pioneering projects to drive environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. Our commitment to renewable energy is evident in initiatives such as the OPS Masterplan, which enables shoreside power supply to vessels during their docking periods. By utilizing clean energy sources like offshore wind turbines and implementing intelligent lighting systems, we significantly reduce emissions and create a greener port environment.

Furthermore, we are actively promoting the adoption of alternative fuels and technologies. Through the production of green hydrogen using electrolysis, we’ll generate a sustainable energy source that powers various port operations and contributes to the development of alternative fuels. Our collaboration with industry partners has also led to the implementation of electric vehicle charging stations, encouraging the transition to sustainable transportation within the port community.

Tenerife Port ZERO stands as a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability and the pursuit of a circular economy. Our innovative projects, such as the transformation of plastic waste into valuable petrochemical resources, showcase our commitment to combating plastic pollution and creating a more sustainable future. Additionally, the eH2 RTG project, which integrates highly efficient fuel cell power generation systems in port cranes, further underscores our efforts to decarbonize logistics operations and reduce emissions.

By embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, fostering collaborations with other ports and engaging with societal and commercial stakeholders, Tenerife Port ZERO demonstrates visionary leadership and a comprehensive approach to sustainability.