Northport – Circle of Life Community Garden

The Circle of Life Community Garden is a vertical farming project initiated by Northport (Malaysia) Bhd as part of the Company’s overall Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) policy. This innovative initiative aims to enhance community engagement, promote environmental sustainability and improve local food security.

The journey began in 2023 when the initiative was first implemented within Northport’s premises. The idea was introduced during Northport’s Eid al-Fitr Celebration Event, which sparked the ‘Circle of Life’ concept of vertical farming incorporating advanced technology to generate fertilizer from food waste through aerobic digestion, utilizing the existing rain water harvesting system which in turn uses solar powered pumps to water the vegetables that were planted, providing the required nutrients for optimal growth.

The project was extended to nearby schools in Klang as part of Northport’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, to educate school children about the importance of environmental sustainability and promote local community development.

The current phase of the Circle of Life Community Garden focuses on larger-scale development, partnering with the Klang Royal City Council and key players in the Port Klang logistics industry. This community-driven project involves active participation of a diverse array of community members, including schools, mosques and local residents.

The project is expected to bring significant benefits to the community. These include increased access to fresh, locally-grown vegetables, enhanced community engagement and education on sustainable practices, and reduced water usage, carbon footprint as well as landfill waste.

The Circle of Life Community Garden is more than just a farming project. It stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration of public and private sectors to revitalize Port Klang and show how cities can balance industrial growth with environmental stewardship.