Niedersachsen Ports – Innovative intelligent lighting system

Niedersachsen Ports has erected a new intelligent and innovative lighting system at a railway reloading point for rolling commodities at the Seaport of Emden. The 900m long railway site contains of six railway tracks. The new lighting system that covers around 10 hectares is planned as an innovative and sustainable system based on the latest LED technology.

Different light scenarios are programmed to ensure that light is generated only where it is needed for the respective activity. The scenarios are based on the European norms for work safety and provide different lighting intensities for different activities (e.g. loading, unloading, shunting, siding). Each lamp can be individually controlled, dimmed and programmed thanks to the DALI module. The use of sensors (rail contact, motion detectors and light sensors) ensures that the required lighting scenarios are available as automated as possible. The concept works with a remote control via app, whereby all scenarios can also be switched on and off manually.

The achieved economic benefits include lower operating and maintenance costs, longer live spans of the lamps, no warm-up periods and the advantage of LEDs being programmable. The installation also reduces the CO2 footprint of the port compared to a conventional system by around 80%. Furthermore nocturnal species are being less disturbed and insects fewer attracted. In addition, the intelligent illumination of tracks improves working safety while reducing light pollution.

The JadeWeserPort has supported the project with sharing expertise and experiences from the planning process till the finalization of the project. This project has been co-funded and realized within the EU-Project DUAL Ports.