Kisumu Port – Resilient Infrastructure Project

The Kisumu Port Resilient Infrastructure Project, a collaborative initiative with TradeMark Africa, forms a vital part of the ongoing implementation of Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Strategic Plan. The project encompasses a modern cargo warehouse to complement the new passenger terminal, ensuring comprehensive support for both passenger and freight activities.

The terminal showcases a public concourse featuring concession areas, drop-off and arrival zones, ticketing facilities, and screening sections. Moreover, it includes passenger processing zones equipped with check-in counters, immigration and customs facilities, as well as port health services. Travelers can look forward to a range of amenities, such as restaurants, forex bureaus, and offices for taxi and tour operators within the terminal premises.

Designed to optimize passenger flow, the terminal includes segregated areas for ferry passengers with substantial cargo, local travellers, and international/VIP guests. With a capacity to accommodate over 500 passengers at the jetty and 1,000 at the ferry terminal per hour, this facility aims to streamline travel operations and deliver an exceptional experience for all visitors.

With over ten small ports scattered all over the region, KPA also aims to enhance connectivity of the lake cities and towns to enhance passenger travels and trade within the region.