Johor Port Authority – Multi-faceted CSR initiatives

In 2023, the Johor Port Authority (JPA) demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility through substantial funding allocations, earmarking RM1 million for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and RM1.5 million for Wakalah Zakat, a program specifically aimed at aiding Muslim individuals.

Under its CSR framework, JPA implemented several impactful initiatives:

  1. The Flood Relief Mission Program responded promptly to March floods, providing essential supplies to affected communities, benefiting over 10,000 individuals.
  2. The Mangrove Care Program planted 160,000 mangrove trees in Tanjung Piai National Park over five years, involving 300 JPA staff and port users, significantly contributing to biodiversity preservation, climate change mitigation, and community awareness.
  3. Collaborating with Port of Tanjung Pelepas, JPA engaged 10 students as environmental ambassadors in the Eco-Lestari program.
  4. JPA sponsored 25 Port Equipment technician apprentices to enhance their skills, ensuring a competent backup workforce for port operations.
  5. The “Back to School” program provided school essentials to nearly 600 students, fostering educational opportunities.
  6. Collaboration with the Pasir Gudang District Education Office enriched over 10,000 students and educators through various educational programs.
  7. JPA supported Mercy Malaysia’s earthquake relief efforts in Turkey, demonstrating its commitment to humanitarian aid.

Aligned with its Wakalah Zakat framework, JPA undertook impactful contributions, including:

  1. Constructing a new house for a family, providing better shelter and stability.
  2. Providing 19 cattle to aid in Eid ul-Adha sacrifices, facilitating religious obligations.
  3. Offering Eid ul-Fitr assistance to 200 individuals, ensuring festive celebrations.
  4. Conducting circumcision programs for 200 boys under 13 years old, promoting health and cultural practices.
  5. Undertaking Mosque repairs, showcasing JPA’s dedication to community welfare and positively impacting over 20,000 Muslim communities.
  6. Collaborating with the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Hospital Sultan Ismail, JPA sponsored MEDEX examination fees for 20 Muslim medical officers, ensuring comprehensive patient care and contributing to patient well-being. Hospital Sultan Ismail’s recognition as a 5-star Friendly Worship Hospital (FWH) underscores the success of this program, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals.
  7. Implementing a Debt Settlement Program, providing relief to financially disadvantaged patients, furthering JPA’s commitment to holistic healthcare and community support.

These initiatives reflect JPA’s dedication to sustainability, community welfare, and holistic healthcare, making significant contributions to societal well-being and environmental conservation in Johor. Through proactive measures and strategic partnerships, JPA continues to lead as a community builder in promoting socio-economic equity and enhancing community resilience.