Johor Port Authority – Dugong, Otter and Seahorse Habitat Study

Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) is Malaysia’s most advance container terminal strategically located at the confluence of the main east – west shipping lane. PTP is situated on the eastern side of the mouth of Pulai River in South West Johor and a naturally sheltered deep water port.

There are many developments and other projects at Tanjung Pelepas Port Water Limit. Through this research, Johor Port Authority (JPA) aimed to determine, map and preserve the natural habitats in the area. Based on the experience of the villagers, the key habitats in the determined area are the habitats of Dugongs, Otters and Seahorses. These animals have been seen in the area but no specific study had previously been conducted.

Therefore, the JPA habitat study pioneered information on Dugong, Otter and Seahorse mapping and presence in this area. Credible and verifiable information was collected to be used for species and habitat conservation and protection. The study gathered scientific knowledge to protect the natural heritage of the area and will ensure that the development and expansion of PTP will not impact these habitats.

The area of the research covers Pulau Merambong, Beting Tanjung Kupang and Beting Tanjung Adang at Tanjung Pelepas Port Water Limit. The habitat study was conducted for 3 years from 2018 to 2021.